How a 3-year-old’s virtual camera could revolutionize sports and education in Brazil

Brazil’s public broadcaster, Abril, recently launched its virtual camera system, and it’s not only helping the country’s top sports teams make the most of its limited bandwidth, but it’s also helping schools to learn how to use the technology.

The company recently introduced a camera system that is part of its “Sports Education” program, which aims to train students on how to analyze and process video of live games.

The program is the brainchild of a three-year old Brazilian boy who recently graduated from high school, and he has been helping Abrils network of educators through an online training center.

As a part of the program, students learn to analyze video clips to identify specific moves and actions, and the camera helps them learn to “see” the game’s action.

In an interview with ESPN Brasil, the boy said that after spending a few months on the system, he began to understand how video analysis can help the team.

“When I watch the games, I see things that other people don’t see, like how a player is running, how he moves his hips, how his feet are,” the boy, named Roberto, told ESPN Brasils.

“I start to understand more about the game, and I learn more and more.”

Abril says the program has been extremely successful and that students are now able to work on the technology in their schools and universities, as well as in sports facilities, in order to improve their performance.

The network is expected to help schools and colleges increase their video analysis capabilities by the end of this year.

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