Video of the day: A video of the Red Light Camera being used in Sacramento

Red light cameras are being used by the Sacramento city government to prevent speeding and other traffic violations in a city of about 14,000 residents.

The Sacramento Municipal Code states a person can be ticketed for speeding in the city if their speed exceeds the posted speed limit by more than 40 miles per hour.

The law also states that the speed limit must be posted on a traffic control device or sign.

The Red Light camera is being used to speed up the city’s enforcement of speeding.

In one recent incident, a driver went over the posted 40 mph limit, which prompted the police to issue an infringement notice.

The citation was issued to the driver for driving a vehicle on a street designated as a private road and had the following description: “The vehicle is in violation of the posted 30 mph speed limit and is causing or permitting the excessive speed of a motor vehicle, and that the driver does not have adequate control of the vehicle.”

Red light cameras have been used in several other states, including New York City and Los Angeles.

The city of Los Angeles also has its own traffic enforcement program.

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