Watch the NFL cameras for Odot cameras

NFL players are getting new cameras that are capable of video-recording the game at all times.

NFL Players will soon be getting new Odot camera cameras that will record the game from all angles and in full 1080p HD.

“Our players are going to have these new cameras, and we’ll make sure that we use the best of the best,” said NFL VP of digital marketing, Josh Newman, in an interview with The MMQB.

The NFL is hoping the cameras will help make the league more accessible to fans who may not otherwise be able to access the game.

Newman said the league’s camera technology will also be used to help fans in more remote areas of the country who may be unable to access their favorite team.

But Newman added that the league wants to make sure the cameras are not used for commercial purposes.

He said the NFL has been working on ways to keep the cameras safe, but there is a lot of research and testing to go before the cameras become commercially available.

What will the cameras record?

The new cameras will record video from three angles and will also record the sound of the game on the headset.

The league hopes to release the new cameras in time for the Super Bowl in January, Newman said.

One of the cameras has a built-in microphone that can record audio for broadcast purposes.

The other cameras are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit smart home network and the NFL’s app.

Newman added that players will also have access to the NFLs cloud-based streaming video service NFL Mobile.

We want the fans to be able enjoy the game,” Newman said, adding that the NFL wants to offer more ways to access NFL content.

A third camera is also in the works.

It will record audio from the sidelines to create video that can be shared online and used on social media.

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