What you need to know about the 4K camera industry

Posted October 05, 2018 03:27:56The big tech companies have been busy selling the 4k camera market, with the biggest names like Canon and Nikon all selling their first 4k cameras.

But while these cameras are still a few years away from release, it looks like a major push into the market is going to come to an end.

The big three of Canon, Nikon and Sony are now working on a new 4k mirrorless camera.

It’s the Sony M4 and it’s a big step forward for the company.

We know for a fact that Sony is looking to sell a 4k sensor sensor for the M4 because the company’s already been testing this sensor in the camera’s own product.

This sensor, called the XDS-A4, is an all-digital system and the company says it is up to 60 per cent smaller than the sensor in its previous flagship sensor, the XSi.

Sony says the sensor on the XD-A1 was up to 80 per cent larger.

And that’s because Sony says the XDs-A3 was up over 100 per cent.

The XDS is the first Sony camera to include a sensor that is a full sensor 4K sensor.

So it’s up to Sony to ensure it has a better overall picture in the future.

However, there’s another reason Sony is pushing for a 4K mirrorless sensor in this camera.

The company says its focusing on the image quality of a 4:2:2 pixel ratio and it believes the sensor is up there with some of the most impressive cameras currently on the market.

Sony says it will launch the XS-A5 at a later date and that we should get a release date later in the year.

Here’s how we know it will be announced.

Sony will also unveil a new lens with a larger lens aperture.

Sony has been working with Canon and other camera makers to make a lens that will make the X series more compact.

I have no idea what this lens will look like, but I’m expecting it to be much larger than the X3 and X5 lenses.

We also know that Sony will be rolling out the Sony E-mount lenses in the coming weeks, and I’m hoping that’s when we’ll get a 4, 5 or 6-inch 4K lens.

The 4K cameras will likely also be available in a variety of sizes.

Sony is already pushing the M-mount, but that’s a pretty big step up from the M3 and M4 cameras.

It will offer a range of sizes from 1.3 inches to 1.7 inches and 4 inches to 5.2 inches.

The first M-series mirrorless cameras are already on the way, but there’s a new one that’s in development.

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