How you can keep your privacy at home, too [Bloomberg]

The latest version of Apple’s iPhone security camera app for iOS 8.3 includes a new feature called wifi security.

This is a feature that can be enabled on iOS devices running iOS 8 or later to ensure that apps cannot collect data from users when they are connected to the internet.

When enabled, the app will check for wifi access on all devices connected to Apple’s network.

When it finds it, it will ask the user if they want to grant it access.

Users can opt to let it on or off.

The feature works for both iOS 8 and 9.

It works with the newest version of the iPhone camera app that has a version number.

If enabled, apps will be able to collect data when the user is connected to an Apple WiFi network.

“Wifi security” allows Apple to block wifi connections from an app from collecting data.

Apple can’t prevent apps from using network resources, and it can’t tell apps when to stop collecting data, like when the device is in standby.

Apple has used this feature for a while now to prevent malware from gathering data from devices connected via wifi, though it doesn’t explicitly say that it’s to help prevent data leaks from apps.

A new version of iOS 8 allows apps to block access to WiFi in specific areas when the phone is connected via Bluetooth to the Apple wireless network.

Apps will then ask the device owner to allow the app access to the device, and the device will ask permission again.

An iPhone 6S with the latest version iOS 8 also has the “wifi security feature” turned on by default.

This new feature works in all versions of iOS since iOS 8, so it’s possible for apps to access your data when connected to a device running iOS 10 or later.

The feature is still a work in progress, and Apple has yet to say how it will work with older iOS versions, or how it might work for older devices.

What you need to know about the iPhone security cameras app: The iPhone security app lets you block access from certain apps on iOS 10 devices.

It’s not enabled by default on older versions of the app.

It’s enabled by app configuration.

To enable it, you need a phone number and the location of an app.

The app will use that information to block the app from accessing your location, and to notify you of the block.

The settings are not locked down, but you can set the block to be removed when you change your phone number.

Apple says it will remove the block if the device has an “active” connection.

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