Apple is preparing for the next wave of security cameras

The latest Apple security camera to launch is the Lorex camera system, which promises to make the Apple Watch even safer.

Read moreApple has unveiled a new version of its security camera hardware for the Apple Watches that’s built around an Apple ARKit platform that can take pictures, track movement and video.

Lorex said the camera will be available in “early 2018.”

Lorex’s camera, which the company has called “the first in the world,” will be able to take photos, track movements and video, and is expected to be available as early as early 2018.

It will be one of the first cameras to run Apple ARCore, the technology that powers the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and will be powering the upcoming iPhone X, which is expected in late 2018.

The new Apple Watch will feature new features, like an ARCore-powered facial recognition system that will automatically unlock your wrist when you’re ready to go out and buy a drink.

The new camera also has a new low-light capability, which will allow it to take low-lighting photos and videos.

LoreX said the new ARCore system will “enhance the safety of everyday use.”

Apple will be releasing a new app for the new Lorex system, but AppleInsider has not yet been able to test it.

It’s unclear if Apple will also launch a new camera for the Watch that uses ARCore.

The Apple Watch is the latest in a long line of smartwatch devices, including the Fitbit Charge HR, the LG Watch Sport, and the LG G Watch.

These devices feature a host of built-in sensors and camera features that allow them to take pictures and video and act as a smartwatch, with the ability to control the camera via the Apple App Store.

Apple has also been working with Apple TV maker Apple TV to offer Apple TV remote control functionality to the Apple TV app.

It would make sense for Apple to do this with the new iPhone cameras as well.

Loremx’s ARCore cameras can take low light photos and videoApple has not announced a release date for the LoreX cameras, but it did offer up a few other details.

The company said that it will use a variety of ARCore sensors to create the camera system and that it would “be the first to offer a true augmented reality camera.”