Why is Microsoft’s new Kinect so damn ugly?

By now you’ve probably heard about Microsoft’s latest attempt to rebrand its Kinect motion sensor, which the company says is the “best-selling motion-detection device” on Amazon and Apple.

Now, a video from the company’s new Bing Labs YouTube channel is trying to explain the Kinect’s lack of functionality and why it’s a bad move.

The video begins with the camera in a video booth with a bunch of people at a local bar talking about the new Kinect.

One of the men, a Bing employee, begins to explain that the Kinect can detect a person’s face, but the company claims it doesn’t work well when the person’s eyes are closed.

The employee claims that Microsoft has improved the Kinect sensor in the past year, but that the company still hasn’t done anything with the new sensor, and he claims the company is now working on it.

Bing is not the only video company with issues with the Kinect.

The Verge’s Nick Kim wrote about a video showing a Kinect camera catching a person trying to use it as a mirror, with the person holding up a phone and saying “I can’t do that” as if to say “you can’t use the phone as a camera” before eventually getting a selfie taken with the device.

That same person is also seen in a previous video of the Kinect being used to “see” faces by looking at the device and saying, “Hey, this is my face.”

The Verge video claims that this new camera does indeed work as advertised, but there are still problems with it, like the fact that the camera only captures one person at a time, rather than capturing a person in their entirety.

The Microsoft’s video also notes that the new camera is a $199 piece of hardware, so it’s not a cheap product to buy.

Microsoft’s YouTube channel has a disclaimer that says that its videos are not supported by Microsoft, and the company has not responded to requests for comment.

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