When the iPhone 6 comes out, it’s gonna be the best phone

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 7 later this month, and that means we’ll likely see some changes to the Apple Camera app.

The app, which was designed to make it easy to use iPhone cameras, will be revamped in a new iOS 9 update.

A new feature will allow you to snap a photo from your iPhone and use the new camera on your Android phone.

If you’re a user of the iPhone Camera app, you’ll probably see a new photo option in the app.

In the old version of the app, users had to tap on the camera to take a photo.

This new version of camera will be a swipe-to-shoot option, with the option to use a photo or video to take the picture.

This is very similar to how the iPhone Photos app works.

Here’s how you can use the iOS 9 camera app: Swipe to the right from the bottom of the screen and tap the camera icon.

Swipe down and tap on a photo to take it.

Swiped down again to delete the photo.

If you want to use the camera on an Android phone, swipe down from the top and select a photo in the list.

You can also tap on any photo to crop or resize it.

You’ll need to tap the “resize” button in the bottom right corner of the photo to get it to resize to whatever size you want.

The new iPhone Camera update will be coming to the iPhone 5s, 5c, and 5s Plus, which is great news for iPhone users.

However, for the iPhone camera app, the new version will be only available to users of the iOS 8 version.

I’ve got a feeling the iPhone will have some new features to offer in iOS 9, but you can probably guess what they are.

We’ll see the iPhone cameras update in a couple of weeks, and it’s a big deal.

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