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3 out of 4 stars 5 reviews The iPhone 12 has been out for quite some time now, but the latest update to the flagship device is finally here.

As Apple fans we are excited to see this latest version of the iPhone arrive with some of the most beautiful and useful apps available on any Android phone.

We will be focusing on the newest apps, and what’s different and what is familiar.

Let’s get started.

What’s new in iOS 12?

While many of the apps on the iPhone 12 are updated to support the new CameraKit, there are some minor updates.

The biggest new feature is a new ‘Blink’ camera mode, which takes advantage of the new 4K camera technology in the iPhone.

It’s a great addition, but it does take some getting used to.

The default Blink mode is very similar to what we have come to expect, but has some slight differences, especially when it comes to autofocus.

We have a new mode called ‘Autofocus on Demand’, which can be enabled by turning on ‘Automatic Focus’ on the Settings app.

This mode can be set to ‘Always On’, which means that the camera will automatically focus on a target when you’re not looking at it.

You can also turn it off to keep things simple.

There are also a few other new things that have been added to the app experience, and we’ll cover them all in a moment.

There are also new widgets for the camera and microphone, along with an ‘Open with’ button for quicker access to your camera settings.

There is also a new app drawer with icons for your camera, microphone, calendar, contacts, contacts and camera settings, as well as a new option to show notifications.

There is also some new ‘Music’ apps for streaming music on your phone.

These are currently available for free, but you can upgrade to Premium for a whopping $4.99 a month for 10GB of storage and a ‘Music Unlimited’ subscription that gives you unlimited access to Spotify.

There’s also a ‘Smart Album’ option that can stream your music directly to your phone and watch on the iPad.

We have also seen some new additions to the camera app, including a new lens option that allows you to use the camera on the lock screen or in the foreground to focus on your subject.

The app has also received a new shutter speed indicator to let you know when the shutter is about to close.

There have also been some minor changes to the way the camera looks.

For example, you can now switch between different camera modes on the fly by swiping down on the camera.

The new Blink camera mode works very similarly to the default ‘Blaze’ mode in iOS 9, and there are a couple of other things to note: The default camera focus distance is only 10 metres (33 feet), but you’ll now be able to choose to focus closer to your subject or wider, which will allow you to take some amazing photos.

It will also let you capture some stunning photos at night, as long as you have a night vision device.

The main thing you will notice about the camera is that it has a higher shutter speed.

It now takes 3.3 seconds to open and 3.5 seconds to close, so the camera should get very nice bokeh and even better quality images.

You will also notice that the ‘Blinker’ mode has been enhanced with a new focus mode, ‘Blinking’.

This is where the camera automatically changes focus to the center of the screen and the camera then moves to focus the image in the background.

This means that you’ll be able focus on the background, but not the foreground, without having to tap the shutter button.

There’s also new support for HDR.

With HDR, the camera can capture images that look really nice when the brightness is very low.

The main difference is that HDR images are also more vibrant, and you can use this to make your photos look a bit more realistic.

This can be particularly helpful when you are shooting a holiday in the woods, where the sun is shining brightly.

There have also some small changes to how the camera behaves with the iPhone’s new ‘Touch ID’ system.

This is an easy to use feature that allows the phone to unlock the device and log your password if you have the passcode.

The new Touch ID is a very small fingerprint reader on the back of the phone, and it will work in conjunction with your fingerprint sensor.

The camera will also now take advantage of new Face ID technology.

This enables you to unlock your iPhone and log into the app if you want to.

This feature is very useful if you’ve had a hard time logging into apps on your iPhone, or if you are using your iPhone for more than just accessing the app.

Face ID will also work with the new Apple Pay feature, which allows you or your bank to use your phone to pay.The only

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