Why are people wearing body armor?

There’s a growing trend among some Americans to take on body armor, and not just for protection from the elements.

A recent study by the nonprofit Center for the Study of Labor and Employment at the University of Pennsylvania showed that many people are buying the new and often pricey versions of the gear.

And some have gone even further, wearing body armour for protection against the flu, climate change, and even the possibility of a terrorist attack.

In the United States, more than 2.3 million people were covered by the federal government’s Essential Life Support (ELS) program last year, which covers medical costs for the disabled and their caregivers.

About one-quarter of Americans now wear at least some type of body armor.

Here are some of the most popular types of body armour, according to the Center’s study.

Larger Body Armor Most Americans are buying large-size body armor with the intention of protecting their heads from the cold and frost, the Center said.

That includes full-body and full-face body armor made for military purposes, as well as body armor that covers the arms and legs.

Lighter and Lighter Body Armor Body armor that is made to fit more easily onto smaller, more mobile body parts is the newest trend.

This is especially true for larger-body helmets that are made to take more weight, or even that are designed to fit on the shoulders or chest.

Some body armor can be made to slide onto a smaller, thinner helmet, making it lighter and more portable.

Some other body armor designs, such as ballistic body armor or full-frame body armor designed to protect against the bullet impact of a rifle, also may fit on a smaller helmet.

These models have been marketed as safer and more effective than traditional body armor on military vehicles, such the Humvee or Bradley fighting vehicle.

Most of these helmets can be purchased online, or at hardware stores and hardware supply stores.

However, it is important to keep in mind that they may not always be the best option for everyone.

Some types of armor are lighter and less durable than others.

For example, some types of ballistic armor can only be worn on the front of the body, while other types can be worn over a helmet and over the shoulder.

The military also uses various kinds of body padding to help protect against bullets.

Most body armor offers a protective coating or coating that can be applied to the surface of the armor itself.

For some, this is a more practical choice.

For others, it can be a more personal choice.

Some people also choose to wear body armor over their helmets or other protective gear, and this choice can make them feel more secure in the face of danger.

Some companies offer various body armor styles.

Some brands offer lightweight, full-size, and full frame body armor for men, women, and children.

Others offer thicker, higher-tech versions.

Some of these styles are designed for use in conjunction with helmets, while others are designed as accessories.

Some designs, like those from the U.S. military, can be easily customized to suit the wearer’s needs.

Most companies also offer body armor options for women, including full-length, full face, and helmet-like models.

Some manufacturers offer the ability to purchase body armor accessories such as body bags, helmets, or shoulder pads.

Some models can be customized for a person’s particular needs.

Some, like the Kevlar-reinforced nylon body armor from the American Military Institute, can have multiple layers and fit on multiple body parts.

This type of armor can also be customized to fit various body types.

Another type of full-armor body armor is made from a composite material that is more flexible and less rigid than a traditional shell.

Some versions of this armor can protect multiple body systems, such that it can protect both the head and the body.

Some protective helmets also have a flexible material on the back, like Kevlar.

Some helmets can even be made of more flexible materials, like silicone or carbon fiber.

Some Body Armor Types Some body armour models come in various shapes and sizes.

Some are made of plastic or metal, while some are made from Kevlar, Kevlar composite, or another material.

Some also come in varying degrees of durability.

The Center study also found that more than half of all Americans are using some kind of protective body armor at some point in their lives.

That means that many Americans have already bought at least one type of protective armor in the past year.

The study also revealed that some Americans use the type of headgear that they wear to protect their heads against the cold, and that a number of Americans are wearing body protection to help prevent injury from cold temperatures.

The majority of Americans have also purchased some type or another type of clothing to protect themselves against cold weather.

But that’s not to say that Americans are not wearing body gear to protect from the sun.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-fifth of Americans regularly wear sunscreen, although it’s

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