What’s new in iPhone 12 cameras

Updated September 19, 2018 09:45:52Apple has updated its iPhone 12 camera app with new, iPhone 12-specific features and a new design.

Here’s what you need to know:iPhone 12 cameras have received new design and functionalityThe app features a new “Photos” section with options to capture and store photos on the iPhone 12, select the camera settings for the current day, and more.

There’s also a new Photo Album section with a list of photos and videos you can upload, which can be used to create and share albums on the App Store.iPhone 12 camera settingsNew to the iPhone camera app are a new Photos section, which features settings for iPhone 12s and iPhone 12c cameras.

It also has the ability to “Share with Facebook” and “Share to Instagram.”

In addition, there’s a new Share button on the camera icon that allows you to share the photos on your phone to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media account.

For more information on iPhone 12 and its camera capabilities, read our iPhone 12 Camera article.iPhone photos are now saved in iCloud The new Photos and Photos Album sections in the iPhone photos app have a new tab with the ability for users to save the photos they took on the phone to iCloud.

The iOS 11 version of the camera app supports iCloud Photo Library, which lets you easily export your photos to a library of photos on a computer, and then import the images to your phone or other device.

If you need more help with iCloud Photo Stream, check out our Apple Photos tutorial.iPhone Photos also has a new settings tab called “Save Photos.”

In this new tab, you can select “Save as PDF,” “Save to Camera Roll,” or “Save All.”iPhone Photos will automatically save the PDF or JPEG file to the device’s SD card, and it will also save the photo’s image in a folder on the device.

If you delete or rename the photo, you will be prompted to re-upload it to iCloud Photos.iPhone Camera app is more user-friendlyiPhone Photos is more customizableIn iOS 11, you could tap on the home screen and choose “Settings” to access the Camera app.

In iOS 11.3, you are now able to open the camera application from the Home screen.

In iOS 12, you’re able to swipe down from the top of the screen to access this new “Camera” tab, which now includes an option to “Save Photo as PDF.” iOS 12 also has several new camera settings, including the ability “Record to Photos” and a “Record Image to Photos.”iPhone Camera’s “Picture Style” section lets you choose the image you want to capture.iOS 11: You can set the background color of the picture you want.iOS 12: You will be able to change the color of your background.iPhone Photo Stream can be found on the Settings app.iPhone photo saving settingsiPhone Photos now allows you see photos you’ve taken in the Camera.iPhone’s new camera interface in iOS 11: There’s now a “Smart Camera” button at the top left corner.

iPhone Photos now also supports Smart Photo.iPhone camera settings are customizableiOS 11 and iOS 12:You can change the size of the iPhone photo you want stored.iOS 9: You’re able for a larger photo.iOS 10: You’ll see a new picture in the upper left corner of the photo gallery.iOS 7: You may see a photo of the same person in a different location.iOS 8: You are able to switch between different photos.iOS 6: You have the option to adjust the “Auto Focus” setting.iOS 5: You choose to “Lock the Image.”iOS 4: You’ve changed the settings for “Auto Exposure.”iPhone Photo Library is now available on iOS 11 and on iOS 12You can save photos from iPhone Photos to iCloud Drive, as well as download them to other apps.iOS Photos is available on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch in the App store.

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