Leap Motion camera with Leap Motion detection and lock feature

A new camera from Leap Motion is being rolled out in South Korea.

The new camera, which can detect motion from up to 10 feet away, is similar to the cameras that have been rolled out for Google Glass and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Leap Motion says the new camera will be used to create “virtual reality experiences” and “create more immersive experiences” that will “offer a more personalized experience.”

The new Leap Motion motion camera with a dual camera setup can be activated by pushing the finger in front of the camera on the front of a smartphone or computer.

Leap says the camera’s sensor will detect motion up to 50 meters away, which is equivalent to the distance from your desk to the front wall of your home.

This is a fairly new technology, but it’s been around for some time.

We have been seeing a lot of buzz about Leap Motion cameras lately, with Google recently announcing a partnership with the company to sell a version of its motion camera.

In March, Google announced that it was rolling out an SDK for its motion-tracking camera, as well as a new camera that can detect and lock its sensors to the wall.

The cameras, however, are not officially supported by Google yet.

It was only a matter of time until Google finally released its own motion camera, and it was only now that Google announced it had signed a contract with Leap.

The company also announced that Google would be shipping an official version of the Leap Motion smartphone camera with motion detection.

Leap’s motion-detecting camera is designed to work with the Leap Cloud, a cloud-based service that allows developers to connect to the camera to create immersive virtual reality experiences.

Google has said that it plans to support the Leap motion camera and its virtual reality apps with its Android platform, and the Leap Camera app for iOS and Android phones and tablets will be available soon.

The Leap Motion software for Android is free to download and users can purchase a Leap Motion headset with Leap Camera for $299.99.

This $299 price tag is far lower than the $1,299 price of Google’s own headset, the Leap C5.

Leap has previously announced a pair of high-end motion tracking cameras, which it plans on selling for $1.99 each.

The $599 Leap Motion VR headset costs $2,199 and the $999 Leap Motion Touch motion tracker is available for $699.

Leap also recently announced that its new motion-based security camera, the $699 Leap Motion Cam, is available now, priced at $599.

Leap Camera and Leap Motion SDKs are available for preorder on Amazon, eBay, Google Play, and other major retailers.