US court rules against Google on $1bn patent infringement case

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has ruled that Google infringed a patent that was designed to provide security for electronic communication.

The court’s ruling in Apple v Google, which was announced on Thursday, is the latest in a series of patents that Google has claimed to be infringing.

The ruling will give Google a temporary injunction that will last until the US Patent and Trademark Office issues a final ruling on its claim to the patent in 2018.

“Google was wrong to file a claim for infringement of the patents,” Judge Denise Cote wrote in her ruling.

“This was an illegal and abusive action.

Google’s actions harmed Apple, consumers, innovators, and the public.

Google has failed to demonstrate a valid interest in the protection of the public interest.

In short, the decision demonstrates Google’s unsuitability as a patent infringer.”

Judge Cote noted that Google’s claims had been “misleading”, but that the US Supreme Court had recently agreed that there was an “undue burden” on Google to show that it had an interest in protecting the public good.

Google is the world’s biggest search engine, with revenues of more than $2 trillion a year.

The company has also been accused of being the company behind Google+ , the popular social networking app that has been accused by Google of being a tool for spamming people with spam.

Google has been fighting back against Google+ accusations, but it has lost the case in a federal court in Texas, where Google has filed a lawsuit against the company.

Google, meanwhile, has a long-running legal battle with Apple over the same issue, which dates back to 2007.

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