The American Conservatives: An Editorial Source

American Conservative magazine’s editorial page is taking a hard look at the future of the Republican Party.

The issue will be out Friday.

The editorial, written by Bill O’Reilly and John Podhoretz, will argue that the party is now too conservative, too socially conservative, and that the Republican base is too divided.

“Our party is so divided that there are no conservatives who have the courage to challenge the conservative orthodoxy, let alone a conservative president,” the authors wrote.

“Instead, we have a party that is too afraid to say anything even vaguely critical of its own leadership.”

O’Reilly said his op-ed is not a defense of the GOP but a defense against the way it has become.

“The Republican Party has become a conservative cult, and the conservative cult is becoming a cult,” O’Brien said.

“We have gone from a conservative party that stood up for the Constitution and the Constitution stood up against the tyrannical powers of the federal government, to a party, now, that stands in the way of the Constitution, the principles that have guided it over the years, and wants to take away the right to vote from millions of Americans.

And it has no respect for the rule of law, or for the sanctity of the ballot box.”

Opinion writer Jonathan Martin wrote that while the GOP has grown more socially conservative over the past decade, the party itself is no longer a conservative.

“What’s going on in America is not about conservative ideas.

It’s about how the country is being transformed by radical leftists,” Martin wrote.”

It’s not about the fact that the American right wing is losing ground, but rather how the right wing’s power is shrinking.”

Oddly, Martin noted that there was no mention of the rise of the Tea Party in his article.