How to get a doorbell with a video camera

An Australian startup has made a video-activated doorbell using only your smartphone.

The company, Doorbells for Doorbell, which was founded in March by Sydney resident Josh Fogg, is based on the idea of “doorbells that don’t require a key to open”, which means they don’t have to be programmed or programmed manually.

The doorbells are a real-time “door-bell” that uses only your phone to open.

Josh Fogg says the product will be available in the Australian market within two years.

Josh says it will have a video feed of the inside of your house that is “all your personal information” so it can send a notification to your phone once your phone has been unlocked.

It has a built-in microphone that can record the sound of the doorbell ringing and a button that you can press to send a text message to the person that you are speaking with.

Josh’s wife, Sarah, said the product was “like magic”.

“The first time you put it in your pocket, it will automatically ring,” she said.

“And it will be like a personal assistant.”

Josh said he hoped the product would soon be available to anyone in Australia who had a smartphone.

“We’ve been building this product since the start of the year and we have already raised a $500,000 funding round to help us get this product to market,” he said.

He said he was working on a mobile version of the product.

“I hope to be able to launch it in early 2018,” he added.

Josh and Sarah Fogg started Doorbell’s Kickstarter campaign in March.

They raised $500 of their $100,000 goal in their first day, but they were hoping to raise more to launch the product commercially.

“It’s not just about the money we have, we want to make sure that Doorbell has the best possible product, and to make it as easy to use as possible,” Josh said.

The Doorbell for Doorbearer was first announced at the 2017 Digital Trends Festival in Sydney.