How to make a waterproof camera waterproof

A new waterproof camera is just around the corner, and this one comes in all different colours.

The camera will be called the Ocara D-V, and the waterproofing comes from a variety of materials.

It will be available in three different models, with the cheapest costing $399.

Read moreIf you’re going to buy a waterproof photography kit, this is one you should really consider getting.

The waterproof camera will come with a waterproof case and will be able to be carried anywhere, as long as it is not in direct sunlight.

It will also be able support a range of lenses, from compact lenses to full frame lenses.

And it will also come with its own lens-mounting bracket, meaning you can attach the camera to any mount and then use it as a tripod.

The camera will also work with the camera’s internal mic, which is used to record video.

There are also built-in noise reduction and LED lighting.

The Ocaro D- V is a camera that will be on the market in the coming months, and you can check out the full specs and price of the camera here.

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