How to cover your home camera system with a Nikon KODAK camera cover

Nikon is now offering the first wave of Nikon Kodak cameras with a camera cover, a design that uses a series of tiny plastic tabs to protect your cameras electronics.

The KODak Camera Cover is available for $49.99 on Amazon and the company is planning to offer additional KODaks with camera covers later this year. 

The Kodaks are available with two cameras, a front-facing 16MP camera and a rear-facing 10MP camera.

The cameras are available in black, white, and gray, and the covers will be available in two colors.

The price is $49 for the 16MP model and $59 for the 10MP model.

The Nikon Kods have been around for some time, but they haven’t seen much mass adoption due to the cost of the cameras and the relatively low pixel density of the images they capture.

The company is aiming to change that by bringing the camera covers to more popular models like the Nikon D500 and Nikon D5100.

Nikon also recently announced a KODK Camera Cover that will cost $199.99, but the company has yet to announce the price for the new Nikon KDs.

It will be interesting to see how the camera cover design plays out for the cameras that Nikon is currently introducing. 

Image credits: Nikon, Nikon

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