How to get a 360 video live feed of your pet

The latest technology has allowed owners of live animal video to capture an unprecedented view of their animals, including a rare glimpse of a young giraffe.

And with a small smartphone, owners can send live video of their pets to their social media feeds.

Read moreThe video from the owner of the live cam can be captured in a range of formats including 360 degree, a still frame, a zoomed in 360 view or a live feed.

The owner of a live animal camera is seen in this still image from a live cam.

A zoomed-in 360 video of a giraffe was captured in this live cam video.

This video was recorded by a live camera in a zoo.

The video shows the giraffe playing with its new toy.

This live video feed is the result of a collaboration between the zoo in the Netherlands and the BBC, with the BBC’s wildlife team in charge of the project.

The team, who include animal trainer Martin Van Eeken and zookeeper David Wren, took their cam out to the Zoo in Rotterdam for a special viewing session.

This is a live video that is being filmed by an animal trainer.

The zoo is the largest in the world, and the giraffes are among the biggest animals to live in the wild.

The zoo has a population of more than 200,000 giraffals.

It’s believed the girafauna can live up to 40 years, but the animals have to be kept alive by keeping them alive on the open air and in their natural habitat.

They are also sensitive to disease, and some of the most recent outbreaks have killed thousands of giraffles.

In the latest outbreak, the girass population was down to just over 20,000 animals, and they are still recovering.

A number of zoo staff were among the last to be evacuated from the facility in December, while the last giraffe to be released died in July.

The BBC said it was working closely with the zoo to bring live video feeds to the public.

This article originally appeared on BBC News.

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