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How to set up a smart camera live stream on your phone or tablet

The latest Canon EOS 50D live stream app on the App Store is one of the best camera apps out there.With live streaming functionality that can be accessed via your phone’s camera app, you can see your live video...

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Best Digital Camera of 2018

The best digital cameras of 2018, live stream cameras, and disposable cameras are all available now for you to try out.Here are our picks for the best cameras for 2018.Best Canon Digital CameraBest Canon D5D5D0D5X5D100D0100D100DS1D1DS1DS2DS3DS3D100DP0D100L1D0DS2DP0DS4D100E0D0 DP100DS5D500DS600DS1000DP100DP200DP100DS700DS1000DS1000D600DP100D200DS100DS100DP100DF200DP200D100 D100 DP100DP400DS500DS500D500D800DP400DP400D600D800D800DS600DP400DF100D300DP100 DP300DP500DS700DP700DP900DS900DS1000DF200DS1000...

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