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How to unlock the iPhone 12’s camera strap

Apple’s next-generation iPhone is now out, and if you’re looking for the most obvious way to unlock your phone’s camera, you might be disappointed.We’ve seen plenty of people unlock the camera strap for iPhones and iPads before, but they’re...

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How to get your iPhone to work on a Polaroid camera

The latest iPhone, which launched last month, will be able to record video using a custom camera and the new AR-based technology in the device.The technology uses an array of cameras, sensors, and optics to create a virtual image,...

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When Kodak and Kodak Digital first partnered to stream movies, they didn’t have to worry about copyright laws. Now, they do!

The folks at Kodak have been working with the team to bring you some of the most in-depth video coverage available anywhere.From a detailed look at the new Kodak camera to breaking down how Kodak’s latest streaming feature...

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