ring peephole camera


Best camera to buy, security cameras

Best security cameras are among the most sought-after in today’s marketplace.The best ones are typically equipped with powerful, high-resolution sensors and cameras that can capture high-definition video.But if you want to make sure your home or business is well-protected,...

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How to use the ring peeper camera with your iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S

A ring peeping camera is a great way to record a video of the inside of your phone while you’re taking a photo.Ring peepholes can be found in your phone’s home button, and when used correctly, these can be...

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How to turn a selfie into a spy camera

A spy camera is on its way to your smartphone.It might look like a simple black box, but it’s actually a miniature spy camera, and it can spy on your smartphone’s location and microphone.Here are the basics of how...

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